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The Gelderse Vallei Hospital cooperates with fellow partners in care in various areas.

Medical Coordinating Centre

We accommodate the Medical Coordinating Centre (between general practitioners and medical-specialists), the General-Practitioner-point Gelderse Vallei (medical help during evenings and weekends), palliative care team, transfer-nurses team, and the thrombosis service.

Klimmendaal Rehabilitation Specialists

The outpatient rehabilitation department in our hospital is organised by the Klimmendaal rehabilitation specialist centre in Arnhem.

Mental Health Centre Gelderse Roos

Located on the same site as the Gelderse Vallei, is the Mental Health Centre De Gelderse Roos (De Riethorst).

Domiciliary Care Kruiswerk West Veluwe Vallei

A convenant with Kruiswerk West Veluwe Vallei (Domiciliary Care) allows the patient's transition from hospital to home to be carried out smoothly.

Nursing homes

In the area of care for the elderly, we work together with the nursing homes Opella in Bennekom and Norschoten in Barneveld. For example, our pharmacy supplies medicines to a number of nursing homes and our kitchen supplies food for De Riethorst.

Other hospitals

Various sections of our hospital work together with hospitals in the region: Our Microbiological Laboratory works in conjunction with de Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel, our Nuclear Medicine works together with the Academic Hospital in Utrecht and our Pathologic Anatomic specialists are also working in  Alysis in Arnhem Hospital.